Jul 10, 2013

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Sen. Mitch McConnell: ObamaCare hikes costs, kill jobs
And yet, the administration's solution isn't to fix the problem by replacing the law with common sense reforms that could actually lower costs for Americans — but rather to get a better spokesperson. Since ramming ObamaCare through Congress more than ...
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3600 Legal Jobs Lost in June
According to the numbers released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the legal industry lost 3600 jobs in June. This has been the largest loss for the industry since June 2011, where the loss of jobs totaled 3300. The month of June also marks the ...
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Law school grads see increases in salaries and jobs
Birmingham Business Journal (blog)
NALP said the combination of a larger number of jobs overall and a higher percentage of jobs in law firms - which has been in the 55 percent-to-58 percent range - means that the number of law firm jobs is up by almost 8 percent and is the largest ...
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Bankers: The JOBS Act Isn't Doing its Job
Wall Street Journal
Bankers: The JOBS Act Isn't Doing its Job. By Emily Chasan. If you ask investment bankers, most of them will say the JOBS Act has fallen flat. The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, which was signed into law in April 2012, let companies with revenues ...
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Help Wanted: Paralegal, Server Jobs Open
Solo-practice law firm seeking paralegal/receptionist with great communicating skills. Growing solo-practice law firm that primarily practices real estate law. Servers, Cooks, Buffalo Wild Wings Various positions open for new Broadway Mall restaurant.
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Lawyer Let Go After Obscene Rant Captured On Video
AOL Jobs
Losing your temper at work can happen. But if you spew epithets and your tantrum is caught on video, you should probably expect there to be consequences. So perhaps it's not surprising that after an attorney's obscene tirade was captured on video, ...
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Venezuela Forces Employment Even With Shuttered Factories: Jobs
Salero has kept his job because of a 2012 labor law that obliges companies to obtain government permission to fire anyone. The state has yet to approve a single dismissal, said Aurelio Concheso, the labor committee director at Venezuelan business ...
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US contract on health law Rogers' boon
Northwest Arkansas News
Tweet. Serco Inc., a British company recently awarded the federal contract to administer the roll out of President Barack Obama's health-care law, is set to open an information hub in Rogers, adding 800 to 1,000 jobs by October, sources confirmed Tuesday.
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Wal-Mart: The DC Council has forced our hand
Washington Post
In November 2010, Wal-Mart announced a plan to bring more jobs, shopping options and fresh food choices to Washington residents. Just 12 months later, we increased our investment — from four stores to six and from 1,200 jobs to 1,800 — in an effort ...
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You Lost Your Job -- Now What?
Huffington Post
21), or in-law troubles (No. 24). Rightly or wrongly, many of us define ourselves by our jobs, which is why one of the first questions we ask someone we meet is, "What do you do?" In a previous essay, Downsizing 101, I explained why downsizing has ...
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Iowa governor signs 'Right to Blend' bill into law
Ethanol Producer Magazine
The new law, effective as of July 1, preserves an Iowa petroleum marketer's right to blend with Iowa manufactured ethanol and biodiesel thereby maintaining competitively priced fuel and preserving Iowa jobs. "We celebrate the signing of Iowa's "Right ...
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Wages Have Fallen Fastest In The Lowest Paid Jobs
Even though low-wage jobs are becoming an increasingly large share of the economy, the compensation for those workers has fallen even more rapidly than for better paid jobs, a new report released on Tuesday by the National Employment Law Project ...
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Apple Faces Damages Trial Over E-Book Antitrust Violation
U.S. District Judge Denise Cote in Manhattan, who tried the case without a jury, said she will schedule a trial on damages claimed in the attorney general suits. The Justice Department asked Cote for an order barring Apple from violating the antitrust ...
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No jobs for skilled Mandurah migrants
Mandurah Mail
Jeffrey Lee, Kelly Law and their son Ivan moved to Halls Head from Malaysia in April. Jeffrey, a qualified electrical engineer and Kelly, a marketing consultant, have not managed to find work since their move. "I have had no response, even for jobs I ...
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SUNRISE: Vestas, Xerox planning to add Colorado jobs
Colorado Springs Gazette
DENVER (AP) - Colorado sheriffs trying to stop new state ammunition magazine limits go before a federal judge Wednesday to argue that the law, passed in the wake of mass shootings, is too vague to enforce. The law bans magazines that hold more than 15 ...
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Undocumented Worker Alleges Wage Theft, Ends Up In Deportation Proceedings
Huffington Post
But like many undocumented workers, Vanegas said his immigration status was never an issue on the job -- at least until he claimed publicly that his boss had been violating labor law. Not long after that, he said, he was detained for four days, and now ...
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The Morning Ledger: JOBS Act Skepticism Grows
Wall Street Journal
Meanwhile, there's a growing belief among investment bankers that the law has fallen flat. Only 14% of bankers polled by BDO USA this week said they felt the JOBS Act is boosting the number of IPOs, CFOJ's Emily Chasan reports. That's half the level ...
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Competition tight for KC-area police jobs
KMBC Kansas City
Supervisors said a lot of people are looking for these jobs because they see law enforcement as a stable career option. "I like a challenge," said applicant Megan Schantz. "I think it'll definitely be a challenge on a daily basis. Right now, I'm in a ...
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Clarskburg Police Chief & Lt. Resign To Avoid Federal Charges
Since they resigned from their positions those charges are dropped on the federal level. But they are not allowed to seek any law enforcement jobs in the future. The U.S. Attorney who spoke Tuesday said their most important partner in this case was the ...
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Georgia court rules 23 law clerks due $4.3 million
Online Athens
The clerks complained that Fulton County discriminated against them by paying them about $20,000 less a year than people who worked under the county attorney as assistant county attorneys, even though the jobs were rated as comparable. The court also ...
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New Immigration Law 2013: Republicans Are Worried About Midterms, Not Their ...
a fierce opponent of the legislation, says this bill will "flood the U.S." with immigrants and "rob Americans of jobs." While 69% of Republicans believe immigrants are "hard workers who should have an opportunity to stay," 68% of those same Republicans ...
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Unemployment isn ' t voluntary »
The Week Magazine
According to the National Law Employment Project, more than 3.8 million unemployed workers will be affected. The average weekly benefit check of $289 will be cut by $43 — a 16 percent decrease. Why are benefits being reduced so steeply? Paul Krugman ...
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Brady Briefing: July 8
Woodlands Online, LLC
In contrast, here at home the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Offshore Energy and Jobs Act. If signed into law, it would begin opening up to energy production the astounding 85% of our nation's offshore tracts which the White House has locked off.
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There Are 3 Unemployed People Competing For Every Job Opening
Huffington Post
Quitting one job for another is one way workers can get a big increase in pay. A low quit rate might help explain why wages have been relatively stagnant in the recovery so far. A new study by the National Employment Law Project finds that the median ...
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Emanuel faces dilemma as he fills Chicago post
CHICAGO (AP) — The last time Dick Mell helped a relative climb Illinois' political ladder, son-in-law Rod Blagojevich ascended to governor before being sent to prison for corruption. ... Deb Mell is not excluded from the job because her last name is ...
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From 'Follow your passion' to 'Get a job!': Colleges doing more to emphasize ...
Washington Post
High school kids on the tours didn't ask about jobs, said Albano, who's now in law school, "but parents always did. It was the first question out there from parents. They want to make sure their kids are not going to end up moving back into their ...
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Legal landscape on redundancy changing
Timaru Herald
These recent cases appear to alter a relatively settled area of employment law. Courts previously have been able to inquire into the genuineness of a redundancy. However, so long as restructuring was not used to service ulterior motives, the merits of ...
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Uganda Law Society faulted over crisis in Judiciary
Daily Monitor
A city lawyer, Simon Tendo Kabenge, has faulted the Uganda Law Society (ULS) over its recent demands for the President to effect appointments for the positions of a substantive Chief Justice and a Deputy Chief Justice arguing that the move seeks to ...
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We're listening to businesses about the health care law
BizTimes.com (Milwaukee) (blog)
Businesses have added 6.9 million private-sector jobs in the past 39 months and we've helped strengthen the middle class. Today, most Americans get their health insurance through their jobs and that will be the case moving forward. To help restore ...
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Selectmen offer town administrator post to Bonnie Therrien
Wicked Local
Bates holds a law degree from Arizona State University College of Law and a bachelor of arts degree. from the University of Virginia. He started his career holding progressive public law positions: assistant attorney general, state attorney, and chief ...
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Pilgrim nuclear plant activists gain ally
Testifying before the Joint Committee on Public Health on Tuesday, Tom Joyce touted the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station's many contributions — the jobs, the donations, the millions of tax dollars — to the Plymouth community. But when the lawyer and ...
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Greece submits bill on measures to secure EU/IMF funding
ATHENS (Reuters) - The Greek government submitted a multi-pronged draft law to parliament late on Tuesday, scrambling to pass policies agreed with its international lenders as conditions for the release of further bailout funding. Athens secured a ...
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1 million North Carolinians will move to subsidized health insurance
Charlotte Observer
The new law includes subsidies, called premium tax credits, averaging $5,000 a year, for those who fall within certain income levels. The actual amount of the subsidy depends on multiple factors. The health insurance subsidies will be available to ...
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As Japan PM Abe weighs labor reform, IBM emerges as test case
Chicago Tribune
Advocates say these reforms would spur hiring and create opportunity for women and younger workers more likely to be stuck in lower-paid contract jobs without legal protection. "We need to move away from this notion of lifetime employment. That means ...
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Walgreen Joining Blue Cross May Recharge Health Law Push (1)
People who lack coverage through their jobs will be eligible for tax credits to help pay monthly premiums if they make less than four times the poverty level -- about $94,000 for a family of four. The plans begin Jan. 1, when the law requires most ...
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Vail Daily column : Are unpaid internships legal ?
Vail Daily News
The complaints generally allege that workers classified as "interns" are actually "employees" under the Fair Labor Standards Act and other state employment laws, and, as such, are entitled to be paid. The courts have had a hard time figuring this out ...
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Free clinic on criminal expungement coming to Burlington
Burlington Times News
Legal Aid of North Carolina will host a free clinic to help residents expunge criminal convictions from their record and get help finding jobs and securing housing and benefits. The clinic will be July 23 at the Alamance Family Justice Center, 1950 ...
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Proposed abortion law hits hurdle in North Carolina
Opponents told lawmakers the changes would take away access to safe and legal abortions for women. "The majority of North Carolinians want you all to focus on jobs, the economy and increasing access to health care, not stripping away a woman's choices ...
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Trucking industry desperate for drivers
31 people are in trouble with the law after a three day prostitution sting in Richmond. Police told NBC12 they ... Herbin is not even done with his coursework at Charlotte Truck Driving School, and the jobs are looking for him. He says 3 jobs are ...
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Job (Jamestown): Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Veterans Legal ...
Equal Justice Works and AmeriCorps have partnered together to provide the new Veterans Legal Corps Fellowship opportunity to aid the legal needs of ...
Company adds 120 jobs for health care law help - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: A company that won the federal contract to help customers navigate the Affordable Care Act will add at least 120 jobs at an eastern Iowa call  ...
Fordham Law Post-graduate Jobs - Top Law Schools
I'm currently looking into Fordham law, and while some statistics for employment are available, I know a lot of numbers can be skewed. One of the few numbers ...
Law Jobs - Legal Assistant at Uganda Electricity Distribution ...
Job Title: Legal Assistant Organisation: Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited (UEDCL) Reports to: Principal Legal Officer Duty Station: Kampala, ...
Legal Jobs at Ey | LinkedIn
1131 Legal, Ey Jobs on LinkedIn. Research Legal careers, companies and salaries.
Law Enforcement and Security Jobs in Lethbridge, AB ...
Find law enforcement jobs and security jobs in the Lethbridge, AB area on LethbridgeJobShop.ca. Apply now!

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