Jul 13, 2013

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Ten Tips For Landing JD Jobs for Law Students and Graduates
The National Law Journal
Like many other job-seekers today, law students and graduates are frequently — but fuzzily — advised to "be entrepreneurial," "build your brand" and "think outside the box." I suggest instead to my classes, and to practitioners, 10 specific practices ...
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SPECIAL REPORT: Returning War On Terror Military Veterans Find Promised ...
International Business Times
The law is intended to protect members of the Reserve and National Guard from employment discrimination -- primarily, to ensure they keep the jobs they held before they were deployed. Employers are supposed to make concessions to ensure this happens, ...
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West Virginia Attorney General Seeks More "Vibrant" Business Development
HNN Huntingtonnews.net
"We are trying to transform the [perceived] job of attorney general… into a modern high quality law firm", Morrisey explained at the Jobs Summit and Town Hall meeting Thursday, July 11, in a meeting room at the Cabell County Public Library. "We want ...
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Jobs: So called zero-hours contracts are a 'cause for concern'
Milton Keynes Citizen
That's the view of an employment law partner at a regional law firm who says the use of such contracts, when workers are kept on standby and called if needed, is growing and their use needs "urgent clarification" as the summer hits full swing. Business ...
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Unemployment benefits in jeopardy if you don't sign up for job placement services
Plain Dealer
A job fair in Independence attracted long lines in 2011. A new law requiring people receiving unemployment benefits to contact a public job placement agency could create an onslaught of clients straining limited resources, says the head of Cuyahoga's ...
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McConnell: ObamaCare hikes costs and kills jobs
Alexandria Town Talk
Since ramming ObamaCare [the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010] through Congress more than three years ago, administration officials have had a rough time selling their partisan and divisive law to the American people. In fact, the law ...
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PHIL FULLERTON: As they vanish, a salute to Valley legal secretaries
Fresno Bee
Legal secretaries are a "dying job," reported the Wall Street Journal on June 27. They have been largely displaced by technology and a slowing economy. But before this noble group passes into oblivion, I feel compelled to laud them as one of the least ...
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Public-private projects could boost economy, add jobs
Michelle Anaya DePotter, executive director of the Associated General Contractors of America chapter in West Palm Beach, said the P3 law will allow "projects to move forward more quickly" and boost construction jobs. "I do see an excitement by the ...
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Judge rules against Apple in E-books trial
Midland Daily News
For Apple, the words of Steven P. Jobs were often used to win negotiations. But after his death, they have proved damaging. A federal judge on Wednesday said that some of Jobs' words helped persuade her that Apple had violated antitrust law in ...
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Feds take issue with new NC unemployment law
For example, if a worker is fired because he or she do not secure a license needed to do a job, the new law would reject the claim, regardless of whether that failure was the employee's fault or the employer's. The federal regulator also takes issue ...
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SEC Lifts Ban on General Solicitation
The National Law Review
The final rule was adopted pursuant to the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act passed in April 2012. The lifting of the ... First, the antifraud provisions of the securities laws will apply to all statements made in any advertisements. Second ...
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Call for China Women's Rights Court to Address Labor Bias
Radio Free Asia
Hebei-based lawyer Lin Yang said Chinese women face serious discrimination in the job market, at a time when graduate unemployment is at its highest in decades. "There is a legal basis for these demands in China's Labor Law, Labor Contract Law and the ...
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Kane shirks duty by not defending Pa. against same-sex lawsuit
Allentown Morning Call
She should at least be honest and say she cannot "politically defend" Pennsylvania's law. If she were ethical, she would do the job she was elected to do and that is to uphold the laws of the commonwealth. It's not up to her to decide which laws she'll ...
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Gun buyback programs don't reduce violence; Good Samaritan Law will help to ...
Vineland Daily Journal
We both are very concerned about working families losing their jobs. He believes that we must return our citizens here in America and this state to full employment. We both believe that we need to create more good paying jobs and keep the ones that we ...
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Support personnel help police
Austin American-Statesman
The police department has three civilians – two full-time and one part-time Law Enforcement Support Technicians – formerly known as public service officers. These LESTs complete job duties such as taking photos at a crime scene, lifting fingerprints ...
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Taking a Risk on Employees Pays Off: 5 Ways to Think Outside the Box When ...
Huffington Post
Job applications, even for entry-level positions, usually require the applicant to provide information about past run-ins with the law. Many people have made bad life decisions that then set the course for the rest of their lives. Even when these folks ...
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Seneca Falls: 165 Years Later and Still Struggling for Equality
Huffington Post
Unlike states such as California, New York does not have a law on the books guaranteeing that pregnant women cannot be pushed out of their jobs just because they need something as simple as a stool to sit on to maintain a healthy pregnancy. As a result ...
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Recruitment progress of nationals reviewed
Oman Tribune
Most of the jobs require university-level qualification in the fields of engineering, law and finance. Also present were Dr Hammad Bin Hamad Al Ghaferi, Ministry's Adviser, Sayyid Zaki Bin Hilal Al Busaidi, Director-General of Organisation and Job ...
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With jobless aid gone, hopes are fraying for region's unemployed
Fayetteville Observer
North Carolina gave them about 40 to 50 percent of their old wages. The money was intended to help them pay their bills while they look for new jobs. But North Carolina, now with the nation's fifth-worst unemployment rate, in February passed a law to ...
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Resigning state officials must abide by certain laws
Jay Love and Secretary of State Beth Chapman, if they start new jobs that include lobbying, there are certain limits spelled out in the state ethics code. Chapman will be prohibited from lobbying the Office of the Secretary of State for a period of two ...
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In lawsuit, woman claims former supervisor at Manhattan law firm subjected her ...
New York Daily News
Both plaintiff Natalie Thorpe, 31, and Turner, 43, worked at the Manhattan law firm through William Lea Inc., a business that subcontracts workers to other companies for various jobs. A lawyer for William Lea Inc. declined comment, but Turner denied ...
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UK government delays decision on cigarette branding ban
The move was welcomed by the tobacco industry which says plain packaging would hit jobs and encourage cigarette smuggling, but strongly criticized by health campaigners. Britain's government published the results of a consultation on plain packaging ...
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Poland Keeps Ban on Ritual Livestock Slaughter
Wall Street Journal
The ensuing ban triggered a nationwide discussion pitting animal-rights advocates, who see the method as cruel, against the government, which said jobs and profit in the meat industry were at stake. It drafted legislation legalizing the practice again ...
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Wheaton Police Chief Wanted Stricter Concealed Carry Law
According to him, Illinois' new concealed carry law won't dramatically change the way Wheaton police do their jobs, because interacting with people and firearms always requires caution. "Any police officer is constantly concerned and vigilant about an ...
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Interim city attorney balances busyness
Savannah Morning News
"He's done a great job so far. He's a local guy, not confrontational and understands the law. Tom will be good for the city because he's familiar with everyone in the community." Mayor Pro Tem Michael Sweeney said council hasn't mentioned going through ...
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