Jul 14, 2013

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Law Professor, Car Painter Among Jobs Available in Philly Area
Businesses in the greater Philadelphia area post vacant jobs on Craigslist every day. Here are a few notable vacancies that have been advertised recently: IT Help Desk · Cooking and Home Assistant · Senior Web Developer · Gymnastics Instructor · Child ...
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Mo. Law Adds Job Security for Police Chiefs
If a new requirement for Missouri municipalities to establish procedures to remove police chiefs had been in place three years ago, it might have saved Troy Sims' job in Orrick. During spring 2009, he was embroiled in a political and legal wrestling ...
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More great jobs at
Worcester Telegram
While the ordinance says some 66 employees on City Manager Michael V. O'Brien's executive management team must live in the city within a year of hire, more than a third of those covered by the law don't do so because of the so-called grandfather ...
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Disabled wait for help to get jobs
Appleton Post Crescent
As required by federal law, Wisconsin's Division of Vocational Rehabilitation uses a category system to prioritize clients with the highest need first. Category 1 clients, those with the most significant physical or cognitive disabilities, are served ...
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Voters deserve a say on 'driver cards'
Statesman Journal
Driver cards could enable cartel-employed traffickers to operate here more easily. Illegal-immigrant driver cards would undermine the rule of law, harm job-holding and job-seeking Oregonians (particularly youths and minorities), do little or nothing to ...
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Written tests for jobs to conclude today
Oman Tribune
The announcement is for 5,074 vacancies in ministries and government units under the Civil Service Law. The tests are in implementation of the Royal Directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said to employ Omani jobseekers in public and private ...
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Employment issues top city rights panel work
Dubuque Telegraph Herald
Although less overt forms of discrimination might not rise to the level of legal discrimination, Larson noted the impact can be serious in relation to individual careers, with workers missing out on opportunities to advance. "That's what I think is ...
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SEC ruling opens doors, but startup backers say more needed
On April 5, 2012, President Barack Obama signed the JOBS Act into law. The entrepreneurial community hailed its signing as a big step for small businesses raising money. Along with general solicitation, it opened the door to crowdfunding, or raising ...
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Life after death: Officers find new jobs after firings
Canton Repository
The search revealed that at least 10 (42 percent) of the fired officers found a new job in law enforcement. Among them: • Former Perry Police Chief Mark A. Machan, who was fired in 2004 for mismanagement, recently retired as police chief from the ...
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At Work: Clean, green can mean all sorts of jobs
All kinds of people could be in demand: administrative, finance, law, marketing and sales — as well as advocates, outreach folks, researchers and trainers. So when you think green jobs, think what do companies that benefit the environment or conserve ...
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Santa Clara County schools Superintendent Xavier De La Torre rated ...
San Jose Mercury News
In an additional sign of trouble, the board has retained an employment-law attorney to advise it on handling its only employee. Under an odd state law, the board oversees only the superintendent, who in turn controls the 1,700 employees of the county ...
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State's pot law could impact court diversion programs
Rutland Herald
"It won't change in theory the way law enforcement is doing their jobs," he said of the new law. "It's simpler, yes, to write a civil ticket but you're still going to have paperwork to do." And unlike some other illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin ...
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Taking away the badge: Fired officers often return to duty
Canton Repository
The Repository's analysis found that 34 law-enforcement officers (including a sheriff deputy) have been fired in Stark County since 2003. Nineteen of those officers appealed and more than half of them returned to their jobs — largely due to arbitrators.
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NC legislators to tweak unemployment law to follow federal rules
Charlotte Observer
Gilbert's July 9 letter says North Carolina's new law denies or limits benefits to applicants who quit their jobs voluntarily, aren't seeking work while taking an approved training program, or who work at an "educational institution." Those provisions ...
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Chris Sevier, Tennessee Man, Suing Apple For Letting Him Access Porn
Huffington Post
In a 50 page complaint, filed mid-June, former attorney Chris Sevier holds that since Apple is "concerned with the welfare of our Nation's children, while furthering pro-American values" it should "sell all its devices in 'safe mode,' with software ...
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Obamacare does NOT create part-time jobs
Economic Populist
advocating for "right to work" laws, using jobs as hostages while negotiating tax breaks, busting labor unions and using H-1B visas to import labor...to stuff extra cash into the bottomless pockets of the corporate executives at the expense of those ...
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Ga. limit on lobbying gifts doesn't apply to all
Rome News Tribune
Nathan Deal speaks with members of the press after giving remarks about his efforts with job creation and building the state economy during a Sandy Springs/Perimeter Chamber of Commerce meeting at the First Data corporate headquarters, Tuesday, July 9 ...
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Aiding vets in their job hunts gaining steam in Minnesota
Pioneer Press
In addition, she said, veterans should get credit for their military experience that can be applied to getting certificates and licenses for civilian jobs. For instance, she said, Congress last year passed a law she co-sponsored to make it easier for ...
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Secret's Out : Now You Can Tell the Whole World You ' re . . .
Today's lifting of the ban on general solicitation, item 201(a), was one part of a handful of measures included in the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, known as the JOBS Act, which was signed into law in April last year. The legislation, most ...
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Missouri law adds job security for police chiefs - KansasCity.com
The law, which takes effect Aug. 28, makes it harder to fire police chiefs unless there is misconduct, insubordination, a policy violation or a felony committed.
KansasCity.com: Front Page

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D.C. Snubs Hundreds of Wal-Mart Jobs With 'Living Wage' Law
Washington D.C. is in desperate need of lower wage and starter jobs and mega retailer Wal-Mart was ready to bring hundreds of such jobs to the Nation's ...
Patent Law Jobs by Patently-O: Associate Attorney - Law Firm ...
Patterson & Sheridan, LLP is a national intellectual property law firm with offices in Houston, Texas; Palo Alto, California; Shrewsbury, New Jersey; Greensboro, ...

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