Jul 16, 2013

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Growth in Health Law Jobs, Says Report
LawFuel.com – Best Law Marketing Newswire – Latest LawCrossing legal jobs search data reveals that the U.S. jobs market is picking up for healthcare attorneys. Currently, 731 active openings required to be filled. Additionally, the legal jobsite ...
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Clipboard: Federal health law could weaken link between job and insurance plan
New health care subsidies created under the Affordable Care Act could prompt about 900,000 people to leave their jobs because they are no longer wedded to the insurance plan offered by their employer, American Public Media's Marketplace reporter Dan ...
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New state law on unemployment benefits doesn't comply with federal law
Winston-Salem Journal
One non-conformity example is that U.S. Labor officials interpreted the new N.C. law as saying any individual who quits their job would not be eligible for any unemployment benefits for a benefit year. However, the benefit year is subject to the ...
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SEC Adopts JOBS Act Rules and Issues Additional Final and Proposed Rules ...
The National Law Review
In an open meeting on July 10, 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued final and proposed rules relating to offerings exempt from registration under the Securities Act of 1933 (Securities Act). The open meeting was split into three ...
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When age may be an issue
The federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and the Massachusetts state Fair Employment Law both forbid age discrimination against people who are age 40 or older. These laws prohibit discrimination throughout employment, including during ...
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Jobs: So called zero-hours contracts are a 'cause for concern'
Buckingham Advertiser
Paula Whelan, employment law partner at Shakespeares which has offices in Milton Keynes and Newport Pagnell, said: "Although 'zero-hours' contracts suit many employment situations there is often an ambiguity around what these types of contracts ...
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11 common interview questions that are actually illegal
Houston Chronicle
Any question that asks a candidate to reveal information about such topics without the question having a job related basis will violate the various state and federal discrimination laws," Lori Adelson, a labor and employment attorney and partner with ...
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Audit critical of Lee County government's effort to promote businesses, create ...
The News-Press
A Clerk of Court audit released today details poor practices and a potential violation of state law, in Lee's County government's effort to promote businesses and create jobs. Clerk of Court auditors concluded that a recently resigned county employee ...
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Amid Falling Enrollment, Law Schools Are Cutting Faculty
Wall Street Journal
To compensate for the lost tuition dollars, the school is moving toward larger class sizes and not filling empty staff jobs until "we screamingly need to," said the law school's dean, Daniel Polsby. "I can answer my own phone and save some bucks," he ...
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Changing Jobs: A Checklist For Associates On The Move
Daily Report (registration)
For associates, this is welcome news. Many were hired during a depressed legal job market and were forced to take positions below where they wanted to be, at salaries below what they expected, despite significant student loan debt. Now, the opportunity ...
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New Way Employers Discriminate Against The Unemployed?
AOL Jobs
Job ads that list "current employment" as a requirement are becoming less common, thanks to a chorus of outrage, and laws declaring it illegal discrimination in several states. But some employers are adopting a new approach-- requiring applicants to ...
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Greek General Strike unlikely to stop public sector job cuts
The law seeks cuts mainly at the municipal level, and proposes 2000 workers move departments or change jobs. However if a move is refused, dismissal will follow. Unions fear it will set a precedent, as 15000 public sector jobs will be affected between ...
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Can the EU stop South Korea's fishing vessels from cheating it out of wages ...
That hurts law-abiding EU fishermen by lowering prices, exhausting supply and generally making the business harder for them. For instance, illegal fishing costs EU countries some 27,800 jobs, around 13% of total industry employment. The EU passed ...
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Federal law to widen state aerospace trade
Colorado Springs Business Journal
... to China, North Korea or any state known to be sponsoring terrorism. "Combined, the new law and regulations will help to strengthen the U.S. satellite industry, restore U.S. competitiveness abroad and create new jobs here in the United States ...
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CEOs Who Fudge Numbers Love Luxury And, Sometimes, Breaking The Law
"Executives' "Off-The-Job" Behavior, Corporate Culture, and Financial Reporting Risk" describes how two kinds of CEO and CFO behavior outside the workplace—prior legal trouble and ownership of luxury goods—are related to the likelihood of financial ...
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Obamacare Side Effect: People May Choose To Leave Jobs, Economists Say
International Business Times
At first blush, that finding might seem to delight the Republicans who branded Obamacare as a job-killer. But opponents of the law might want to hold their "I told you so"s in reserve. The reason for the expected dip, according to a trio of economists ...
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Lee County Clerk of Court audit finds failures, missteps
Lehigh Acres News Star
A Clerk of Court audit released Monday details failures and possible violations of state law in Lee County government's effort to promote private business and create jobs through its Economic Development Office. Clerk of Court auditors concluded that a ...
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The comeback state
The Detroit News
Indiana, another state that recently passed right-to-work legislation, ranks third, with over 53,000 manufacturing jobs created in the last three-and-a-half years. It's undeniable, despite what the union bosses will tell you: Right-to-work laws attract ...
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Anti-Citizenship Protesters Issue Warning to House
New York Times (blog)
Conservative protesters came to Washington from 26 states to "march for jobs" and decry any bill that includes legalization, which they reject as amnesty that would erode the rule of law and, in a new emphasis, threaten the jobs of American workers.
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Ohio internet-cafe petitioners claim harassment
New Philadelphia Times Reporter
People collecting signatures on a petition aiming to block an Internet cafe law are saying they have been harassed by their opponents. The Columbus Dispatch reports that the Committee to Protect Ohio Jobs says petition workers have recently filed ...
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GOP to Constituents: We Want to Deny Your Freedom to Start a Business
Huffington Post (blog)
The health care reform law ends this absurd social policy, known as "job-lock," but Republicans are fighting to take away this important new freedom. They've set two more repeal votes for Wednesday to help them do it. A report from the Urban Institute ...
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Work in Progress: Under-employment could increase as employers hire temp ...
Muskegon Chronicle - MLive.com
... working families are living in poverty. Less visible than those who are jobless, the under-employed are none the less casualties of a recession and a rapidly-changing job market. Experts say their ranks could grow with changes in employee health ...
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Utah's part-time employment rate returning to historic highs
Salt Lake Tribune
... a full-time student at the University of Utah studying comparative literature and creative writing. When he isn't studying or in class, Paulsen holds down two part-time jobs. Mondays through Fridays, he puts in 25 hours a week at a law firm in Salt ...
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Congressman Robert Hurt's Weekly Column 7.15.13
Martinsville Daily
We in the House of Representatives have long acknowledged what the people of Virginia's 5th District have expressed since day one: the President's health care law is bad for business, bad for jobs, and bad for the American people. That is why we will ...
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Labor group alleges conflict of interest
Topeka Capital Journal
"These judges come before the committee on a regular basis for retention of their jobs. It seems obviously offensive that an attorney, or members of the attorney's firm, should be permitted to try a case in front of one these judges and then decide ...
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With dramatic rise of part-time jobs, an imperiled middle class
... minimize the financial impact of the federal government's new health care plan known as the Affordable Care Act. That law requires by 2015 (delayed from 2014) employers with 50 or more full-time workers to offer affordable insurance to employees ...
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Obamacare: The Part-time, Low-Wage Job Creator
The Fiscal Times
However, part-time workers also stand to benefit under the Affordable Care Act. In a recent column, The New York Times' Casey B. Mulligan wrote: The part-time employee has to pay for his own health insurance, but the new law limits his premiums to $2 ...
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Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement Instructor
Instruction may include such areas as criminal investigation, interview and interrogation; criminal law; rules of evidence; arrest, search and seizure; report writing; patrol operations; administration; corrections; juvenile law and traffic law and/or ...
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Too many immigrants taking jobs from citizens
Asbury Park Press
Immigration advocates cite the need for immigration of more foreign scientists and engineers in any reform of immigration law. In 2009, approximately 200,000 U.S. college students graduated with degrees in engineering, mathematics and science. Many of ...
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Telstra realigns, cuts 55 jobs; Boston TV station sues Aereo
Australian service provider Telstra is cutting 55 jobs at its digital media and IPTV division--and creating 25 new ones--as part of a business realignment. Story. > Boston TV station WCVB filed a lawsuit against Aereo alleging that it's violating ...
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Rep. Tim Griffin Introducing Bill to Delay Employer Mandate Provision in the ...
"The White House may believe it can unilaterally delay implementation of Obamacare's employer mandate, but only Congress can change the law," Griffin said. "My bill delays its implementation, saving jobs and protecting workers. I'm also honored to be ...
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Legal Sector Shed 3,600 Jobs Last Month - Law.com
The legal industry lost more jobs last month than it has in any single month since June 2011, according to seasonally adjusted preliminary data released Friday ...
What are some jobs in Law? - Yahoo! Answers
It's good that money isn't important to you because in the vocational field of Law: * a law degree will cost you $150,000+; * after you graduate you ...
Teamster Nation: Woot! New Calif. law protects jobs
California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill yesterday that scraps the state's $750- million-a-year bad-business boondoggle known as the enterprise zone program.
Freshfields Brings Aboard India Practice Co-Head - Lawjobs.com
Freshfields Brings Aboard India Practice Co-Head. By Jessica Seah All Articles.

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