Jul 12, 2013

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Latest health law fight: Battle of mandates
Jennifer Palmieri, now White House communication director, is seen in 2012 in Greensboro, N.C. Republicans have seized on the White House delay of a health law requirement for employers and are demanding the Obama administration give individual ...
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Pope Francis overhauls laws on sexual abuse, confidentiality
Catholic Online
LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - The revamping of the new laws comes as the Vatican prepares for a grilling by a U.N. committee on its efforts to protect children and prevent priests from sexually abusing them. The Vatican has signed and ratified ...
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Online poll: Majority favours raising legal drinking age in Cayman
Caymanian Compass
Raising the legal drinking age to 21 was favoured by a large majority of respondents to the Caymanian Compass' latest online poll. Almost 60 per cent of the 590 readers who responded to the poll said that raising the age at which residents are allowed ...
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Menacing Social Media: When Your Business is Defamed Online
The National Law Review
Amy's Baking Company experienced a social media meltdown. The owners reacted in a less-than professional manner by responding to negative posts with vulgar obscenities and threats of legal action. The documented online drama is a textbook example of ...
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Minnesota sues online, fast-cash lender
Minnesota has joined nine other states in cracking down on an online, fast-cash loan company that claimed to operate under Native American tribal law thereby circumventing state limits on lenders. CashCall, Inc. of California used Western Sky Financial ...
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Pro-Lifers Get Good News from Illinois
National Review Online (blog)
Today the Illinois Supreme Court upheld a state parental-notification law. This law was signed back in 1995, but has been enjoined since that time due to a hydra-headed array of legal challenges. This particular parental-involvement law is not as ...
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National Review Online (blog)
He is dispensing with the law. James II was ousted during the Glorious Revolution of 1688–89, in large part for claiming that he could in particular cases dispense with — that is, ignore — an act of Parliament. (Shameless plug: Readers who want more ...
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When Law Becomes Politics
National Review Online (blog)
The problems of racial disparity and arbitrary enforcement of our criminal laws are real, systemic and need to be addressed. Criminal defense lawyers see it and fight to correct it every day. From charging decisions to plea offers to sentences, the ...
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New Internet Law in The Gambia Puts Gag on Government Criticism
Global Voices Online
A law that no one in that country can enforce,because the intended target group,whether it be the proprietors of the online media (Freedom,Jollof news,Hello Gambia,Maafanta ,etc) or the numerous bloggers,are either not within their reach or are ...
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Novel-Length Contracts Online and What They Say
New York Times
First, about online contracts. If you're beating yourself up for not reading them, don't. Almost no one does. James Gibson, a professor of law at the University of Richmond, looked at contracts consumers needed to agree to — by clicking on them — to ...
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EU Steps Towards Single Market for Digital Music Licensing, Copyright Royalty ...
Bloomberg Law
Designed to ease the country-by-country licensing process that online music services such as Spotify and iTunes have to abide by, the pending proposal would allow for a single agreement with a collective rights management agency covering the entire EU ...
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"Wild Web" Operation Targets Online Sale of Endangered Species
endangered-species-sales LOS ANGELES – An undercover operation dubbed "Wild Web" today resulted in charges against six Southern California residents who are accused of selling endangered species and animal parts, including pelts taken from wild ...
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Ryan: Delaying Mandates Will Help Repeal Obamacare
National Review Online (blog)
... hold votes next week on delaying the employer and individual mandates in Obamacare. Delaying the mandates will help Republicans achieve their ultimate goal of repealing the law altogether, he tells National Review Online. "We should have these ...
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LexisNexis Digital Library Enhanced with New Features and Content
Wall Street Journal (press release)
"Law firms are challenged by the increasingly mobile workforce, where users expect real-time access to authoritative information and intelligence on demand -- where they need it, when they need it and formatted for the device they have," said Jeff Bois ...
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Repeal It All
National Review Online (blog)
The Obama administration has finally admitted that its health-care law places a tremendous burden on America's job creators. In the wake of its decision to delay the law's "employer mandate," it is also clear how bad the law will be for anyone trying ...
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Roetzel Named Among Top Law Firms in Real Estate
EON: Enhanced Online News (press release)
CLEVELAND--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Roetzel is proud to announce that Midwest Real Estate News has ranked the firm 12th on its list of "2013 Best of the Best Midwest Real Estate Law Firms." Roetzel has been ranked on this list for the past nine years. "We are ...
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NH Capital Budget Becomes Law
3) Capital Budget comes law. Gov. Maggie Hassan signed into law the $245 million capital budget for fiscal years 2014-2015. It includes funds to put more services online for businesses and for an "enterprise licensing system" that will put all ...
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State, federal authorities bust 150 online wildlife traffickers in North Texas ...
Dallas Morning News (blog)
Endangered Texas tortoises, invasive freshwater stingrays, live piranhas, illegal-to-own snakes, zebra skins and a snow-leopard pelt sold in Fort Worth — those are just a few of the animals and items seized by state and federal law enforcement ...
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Ill. Supreme Court ends challenge to abortion law
Grand Island Independent
The Illinois Supreme Court ended a lengthy and emotionally charged legal appeal over an abortion notification law Thursday, clearing the way for the state to begin enforcing a 1995 measure that requires doctors to notify a girl's parents 48 hours ...
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Obamacare Delay? What Obamacare Delay?
Yahoo! News
When the Obama administration said it would delay the health reform law's requirement that employers insure their workers or face a fine, its critics began to wonder what else might get delayed. The law's big new piece of infrastructure—the online ...
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A Modest Agenda for the GOP
National Review Online (blog)
This from media mandarins who barely bat an eyelash when President Obama unilaterally suspends parts of his own health-care law — just as he unilaterally stopped enforcing current immigration laws for 1.7 million young illegal immigrants, thereby ...
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Operation Wild Web Nets Six for Online Wildlife Trafficking
Environment News Service
Operation Wild Web resulted in 154 "buy/busts" in the United States – 30 involving federal wildlife crimes and 124 for violations of state wildlife laws. It also exposed online trafficking of live birds and tiger and leopard pelts in Singapore ...
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Amazon.com shares on a tear, flirt with $300
Amazon.com's shares booked a big day after a report showed strong sales growth in June at the company and top rival Apple was found to be violating U.S. antitrust laws with e-books. Shares of the online retailer soared to a new high, briefly surpassing ...
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Police Corps go online
The police said that law enforcement agencies worldwide are exploiting social media tools in a bid to directly interact with the community. "It is with this in mind that the police force is following suit with the launch of its facebook page, a popular ...
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Gun law foes withdraw injunction request
Mountain Mail Newspaper
Gun law foes withdraw injunction request Robert Boczkiewicz, Special to The Mail TheMountainMail.com | 0 comments. DENVER – Round 1 in the court battle against two Colorado gun laws ended unexpectedly Wednesday with an agreement between opponents of ...
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Haste makes waste
The News Herald
The cafes for years operated in a gray area of state gambling laws. They allow patrons to purchase online time on a computer to play virtual "arcade" games for prizes. Cafe owners argued they were legal "sweepstakes," although they looked like gambling ...
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Ask DMV - Answers to common DMV questions
Red Bluff Daily News
The DMV Investigations Division diligently enforces laws, rules, and regulations that apply to new and used vehicle dealers, brokers, dismantlers, registrations services, vehicle verifiers, driving schools or traffic violator schools, and other vehicle ...
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Portugal's Jewish Law of Return Moves from Facebook to Statute Book
Jewish Daily Forward
Online, the 60-year-old lawmaker and journalist connected to several Sephardic Jews, descendants of a once robust Jewish community numbering in the hundreds of thousands, many of whom were forced into exile in 1536 during the Portuguese Inquisition.
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How to turn clicks into clients – the dos and don'ts of thought leadership ...
Legal Week
It is difficult to understand the online strategies of law firms and there is not much in the way of large-scale research into what UK firms are doing online in relation to business development. But in the US, a 2012 Legal Market Survey Report of 1,300 ...
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Caribbean law librarians meet in Cayman
Cayman 27
Attorney General Samuel Bulgin told the conference that librarians play a significant role in the law practice. He also noted that despite the growth of online activity, law librarians are intrinsic to the proper functioning of legal institutions. This ...
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Jury in Zimmerman trial may consider lesser charge
Because of the way Florida law imposes longer sentences for crimes committed with a gun, manslaughter could end up carrying a penalty as heavy as the one for second-degree murder: life in prison. It is standard for prosecutors in Florida murder cases ...
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Lawmaker wants to prohibit social media from using kids' photos in advertising
The Republic
"Children spend way too much time attached to their computers and over-share online," Duncan said. "They need to be protected online, not put in harm's way as a way for a website to make money." Seven states already have laws in place that prohibit the ...
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Michigan eLibrary Offers Free Online Resources for Entrepreneurs
And third, there's also a library of various legal forms that is continuously updated to reflect state law and includes a law digest, legal Q&As, and an attorney directory. Draper says Gale has been building these databases for years and has recently ...
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Law and Order: Two teens arrested at party for allegedly possessing ...
By Howard Owens
Law and Order: Two teens arrested at party for allegedly possessing marijuana and beer. Submitted by Howard Owens on July 12, 2013 - 7:55am. Khan William Sabb, 18, of Peachy Road, Bergen, is charged with unlawful possession of ...
The Batavian - Online News. Community...
New online privacy bill in Congress (CL&P Blog)
By Scott Michelman
Gupta Beck PLLC / Georgetown Law; Scott Michelman Public Citizen Litigation Group; Jeff Sovern St. John's University School of Law; Brian Wolfman ... Listed below are links to weblogs that reference New online privacy bill in Congress: ...
Consumer Law & Policy

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