Jul 17, 2013

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New Mo. law requires licensure for health insurance counselors working with ...
The Republic
JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri — A new Missouri law will require insurance counselors to get state licenses before they can help people search for health plans on an online marketplace. The legislation signed recently by Gov. Jay Nixon imposes state ...
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Health law's rule delay could hamper enforcement
Coverage for the uninsured through President Barack Obama's health care law starts Jan.1. Middle-class people with no access to job-based health insurance will be able to buy subsidized private coverage through new online markets that open for ...
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Govt lax in ensuring online safety for kids: HC
Hindustan Times
"Why don't we have a law on the lines of Children Online Privacy Protection Act in the US? We are lagging behind while the world has moved ahead. We should change according to the need of the time. Government has to do something", the bench told ...
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NY judge blasts refusal to review online TV ruling
State Journal
He said it "eviscerates the Copyright Act" and "upends settled industry expectations and established law." Aereo has expanded throughout the New York metropolitan area and to Boston and Atlanta, with plans to enter the Chicago market in September.
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Office of Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services ...
The National Law Review
Individuals or entities who voluntarily disclose potential fraud to the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services (the OIG) under the Provider Self-Disclosure Protocol(SDP) may now submit their disclosure online using ...
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Congressman takes one more run at legalizing online poker
Las Vegas Sun
Sen. Harry Reid has said the prospects of such legislation passing at this point are more than slim. And individual states have taken the ball and run. Still, one Republican congressman is on a mission to make online poker legal under federal law.
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Stevie Wonder to boycott Florida over 'Stand Your Ground' law
Vallejo Times-Herald
Stevie Wonder said he will not perform in Florida until the state discards a "stand your ground" law that played a prominent role in the defense of neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman who was acquitted in a racially charged murder trial. The black ...
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India behind in online protection of children: HC
Times of India
The court made the remarks after it was told by the petitioner that in the US there is a law 'Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)' as per which a child below 13 years of age is not allowed to open an account. "Do you have any such Act for ...
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UK: British spies broke no law by using PRISM data
LONDON (AP) — British spies are acting within the law when they access data gathered by the National Security Agency's recently exposed PRISM program, a parliamentary committee said Wednesday. Britain's Intelligence and Security Committee said the ...
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Stand-your-ground laws dangerous, Holder says
The Herald-Times (subscription)
ORLANDO, Fla. — Stand-your-ground laws that allow a person who believes he is in danger to use deadly force in self-defense "sow dangerous conflict" and need to be reassessed, Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday in assailing the statutes that ...
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WATCH ONLINE LIVE NOW Watch Vietnam vs Arsenal Online Live Stream Free ...
Hood River News (blog)
Watch Vietnam vs Arsenal online live Like the previous law, Senate Bill 131 would permit many victims who would otherwise be unable to file a civil suit due to time and age restrictions — like the Quarry brothers — to sue their abuser's employer in ...
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'Raping prostitutes less harmful,' says law professor, drawing huge condemnation
South China Morning Post
A comment by a Tsinghua University law professor that "raping prostitutes is less harmful than raping ordinary women" has sparked a widespread online backlash. Yi Yanyou, director of the university's Evidence Law Research Centre, was commenting on a ...
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House to Vote on Obamacare-Mandate Delays
National Review Online (blog)
House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan told National Review Online that delaying the mandates would ultimately help Republicans repeal the law in its entirety, and predicted that most conservatives would ultimately share that view. "We've obviously ...
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Secretary of State Ruth Johnson: Michigan ready for online registration, no ...
Johnson said her office is working with Michigan lawmakers to draft online registration legislation, along with a no-reason absentee voting measure that would allow residents to cast their ballots up to 45 days in advance of an election. Michigan law ...
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Colleges try to verify online attendance
The impetus is a federal law, passed in 2008, requiring colleges that are eligible for federal student aid for online programs to take steps to discourage financial aid and academic fraud. Federal regulations require students to have secure log-ins and ...
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Law professor in hot water over rape comments
Shanghai Daily (subscription)
By Li Qian | 2013-7-17 | ONLINE EDITION ... A law professor's Internet post saying that "raping prostitutes rather than decent women makes it less harmful" brought a storm of criticism from the public and an ill-fated attempt by the professor to explain.
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New law is a step forward for Hoosiers' health
The Herald-Times (subscription)
This guest column was written by Stephanie Kelly, dean of the College of Health Sciences, University of Indianapolis. Though it hasn't made big headlines, a bill passed this spring by the Indiana General Assembly is a major step forward for Hoosiers ...
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Israelpharm Online Pharmacy Now Offering Androgel, Motillium, and Other ...
Sacramento Bee
Many online suppliers claim to have "doctors" on staff that write prescription orders online (without ever seeing the patient or being able to physically verify the legitimacy of the declared necessity for the medication being ordered). Israeli law ...
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breaking: Rep. Joe Barton's bill and its impact on New Jersey's online ...
NorthJersey.com (blog)
Joe Barton of Texas, who will be reintroducing a bill in the House of Representatives that would legalize online poker at a federal level. Online poker – but NOT other online casino games. So where does that leave New Jersey, I asked, which now has a ...
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Law firm says it's suing Boeing over Asiana crash
Law firm says it's suing Boeing over Asiana crash Associated Press |. A Chicago law firm has taken steps to sue Boeing Co. on behalf of 83 people who were aboard the Asiana Airlines flight that crash-landed in San Francisco earlier this month, alleging ...
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Rick Jensen: Praising a Biden on guns
The News Journal
The officer checked the permit and found it to be unlawful because the law says that when Mr. Preston relinquished his Tennessee drivers license, the gun permit automatically expired. Jeremy's online research never revealed this and he was never notified.
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Proposed Internet law taken up at forum
GMA News
Part of the response was to entrench the decriminalization of libel, and to ensure that penalties for crimes in the online sphere match corresponding crimes offline. The MCPIF also incorporated the text of a bill creating the Department of Information ...
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ONLINE UPDATE: Berger case on hold
Lumina News
He said the issue might get into a blend of facts and law. If Gale finds due process was not followed after the briefs are filed, then the case would be sent back to the board for an additional hearing. If Gale had found the amotion process procedure ...
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Obamacare Gets Worse for Workers
National Review Online (blog)
This week the House of Representatives will vote, almost precisely along party lines, to postpone Obamacare's individual mandate. Like the 37 earlier votes to repeal the entire health care law, this bill will then move to the Senate, never to be heard ...
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Statistics dominate day 2 of Pa. voter ID trial
Milton Daily Standard
A statistics expert defended his estimate that "hundreds of thousands" of Pennsylvania voters lack the photo identification they need to vote under a temporarily suspended state law whose constitutionality is on trial in a state court. Philadelphia ...
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Human rights on the internet: online, you have rights too
The Guardian
... against the UK communications data bill highlighted how governmental snooping of ordinary people online is very much about human rights, like privacy and freedom of expression, as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and British law.
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Uncommon Content out to make Web shows that click on TV
Los Angeles Times
"I know the difficulty of monetization on YouTube," Law said. "I wanted to make sure whatever we were creating, we could monetize in a linear way as well." There is some precedent for content that originated online making the transition to traditional ...
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Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer At The Badanes Law Office Shares Insight Into ...
Experienced Suffolk County Divorce Attorney, David P. Badanes, weighs in on the issue in a newly released article on his law office's online blog. In the article, How The Same Sex Ruling Will Effect Divorcing Couples, Badanes clarifies what same sex ...
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Holder: 'We Must Stand Our Ground'
National Review Online (blog)
"We must stand our ground to ensure that our laws reduce violence and take a hard look at laws that contribute to more violence than they prevent," said Holder, referring to "Stand Your Ground" law. Florida's version of that law did not ultimately play ...
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Indian media: Social media worries
BBC News
The Delhi high court on Monday asked the government to frame a law to protect children from online abuses, reports say. "Why don't we have a law on the lines of Children Online Privacy Protection Act in the US? We are lagging behind while the world has ...
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'Free Marissa Alexander' petitions pop up online
The Grio
While Alexander attempted to use "Stand Your Ground" laws in her defense and was thwarted, Zimmerman is believed to have largely benefited from his and the acquitting jury's interpretation of the law. "The Florida criminal justice system has sent two ...
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Fort Calhoun hires attorney to explore legal options regarding merger
Blair Enterprise Publishing
After meeting in closed session, the city council voted to hire the law firm of Brodkey, Peebles, Belmont and Line of Omaha to assist the city in looking at its legal options regarding the merger. .... An online service is needed to view this article ...
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Ray papers to be available for online use at Drake
These will include the papers from U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin's 40-year career of public service after he retires in 2014; the collection from Charles Preston Howard, a Drake Law School alumnus who co-founded the National Bar Association; research files from ...
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{Enjoy } Suits Season 3 episode 1 watch online Live Stream Free TV SHOW right ...
suunews (blog)
Take Summary: "Suits" delves into the fast-paced, high-stakes world of a top Manhattan corporate law unbendable where Macht stars as legendary law partner, Doc Specter, and SAG Award-nominee Adams stars as his ringing, but not-technically-legal ...
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Health law's rule delay could hamper enforcement - Herald Online
There's a bit of a domino effect undercutting President Barack Obama's health care law.
Rock Hill Herald Online -- National...
Law and Order: Woman, 63, accused of driving while impaired by ...
By Howard Owens
Law and Order: Woman, 63, accused of driving while impaired by drugs. Submitted by Howard Owens on July 17, 2013 - 9:12am. Martha D. Duke, 63, of Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, is charged with driving while ability impaired by drugs.
The Batavian - Online News. Community...

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Time to End FISA's "Star Chamber" Court | Online Library of Law and ...
Far from being a cornerstone of our national defense, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) has proved to be an even worse idea than opponents ...
Petition | Release My Son Justin Carter - Being Prosecuted For A ...
And I would like a more reasonable law to be put in place so this doesn't happen ... The latest good news: First, we now have a way for people to donate online:
Law Firm Management Information Session - Online - August 20, 2013
Please join us to learn more about the Graduate Program in Law Firm Management, offered by the GW College of Professional Studies. This new program ...

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