Jul 5, 2013

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What now? Q&A about latest snag in health care law
Online Athens
What does the delay mean for workers? And struggling businesses? And is it a significant setback for a law already beset by court challenges, repeal votes and a rush of deadlines for making health insurance available to nearly all Americans next year?
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Gambia passes law to tame online activism
Africa Review
However Article 19, an international press freedom crusader, had earlier found significant flaws in the laws regulating the media and free speech in Gambia, as well as persistent harassment and intimidation of journalists and human rights defenders.
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Delaware Online Gaming Regulations Available for Public Comment
Delaware has released a draft of its online gambling regulations, on which the public will be permitted to comment until July 31st. Unlike in New Jersey and Nevada – the only two other states in the nation to pass similar legislation thus far – the ...
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Melançon: Tax laws squeeze Mom and Pop businesses
Austin American-Statesman
It's an unenforceable tax in any jurisdiction unless online sellers collect it. The bill also exempts any business that makes less than $1 million a year in online sales. So, only the largest online etailers would be required to collect sales tax under ...
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An Obamacare Surrender
National Review Online (blog)
The administration's story is that it simply couldn't find a way to implement the insurance-reporting requirements on employers in the time frame set out in the law. Merely as a side effect, it had to put off the mandate and the $2,000-per-employee ...
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Extension in receiving suggestions on electoral reforms
Northern Voices Online
New Delhi: The Law Commission of India has extended the last date from 30th June 2013 to 31st July 2013 for sending comments/ suggestions on its Consultation Paper on Electoral Reforms. The issue of 'Electoral Reforms' has been referred by the Central ...
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Online poll: Tara Rivers sentiment split
Caymanian Compass
Nearly 400 people voted, 397 precisely, dividing into 123, 30.9 per cent, in favour of letting Ms Rivers retain her LA seat, citing a flawed law that impedes the nation's vital business while potentially derailing the public service of a competent ...
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All on board: In a first, MQM to join talks on Lyari law and order
The Express Tribune
Several of the affected families staged a protest on Mauripur Road on Thursday morning, demanding the government maintain law and order or allow them to handover their homes to the gangsters. All traffic on the main road remained suspended for nearly ...
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French online surveillance programme revealed
France has been outed as the latest democratic country to be operating a vast online surveillance apparatus in apparent contravention of the law. Revealed today in Le Monde newspaper in a report into "Big Brother France", the French programme is run by ...
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The Rebuilding Of Online Poker In America
The online gambling law that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed into law early this year specifically prohibits companies that operate outside of New Jersey's borders. Pennsylvania's proposed online gambling bill has the same restrictions. That ...
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Conn. regulations to be available online
"While the public and regulated community should be gratified that the regulations are now online, I think they will be very pleased when the new system is unveiled next year." The rollout of the temporary site was required under a new law introduced ...
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Leaked document attacks EU's tougher laws on cybercriminals
Once the new laws are introduced, hackers and other online criminals face at least two years for illegally accessing information systems and at least five years for cyber attacks against infrastructure, such as power plants, water systems, and ...
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Retailers to draw up plans for business rates reform
Retailers have repeatedly called on the Government to re-examine the effect of business rates on the sector, with some arguing that it is "unfair" not to levy a similar tax on online-only retailers, according to the Financial Times. ... on the high ...
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Ban Lifted, Japan's Politicians Race Online
New York Times (blog)
And though the law predated the digital era, it was long interpreted to exclude any activities online during the official campaign period. So politicians who started to experiment with Facebook and Twitter as they gained in popularity found that they ...
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Florida expecting plenty of questions as health exchanges come online
Tampabay.com (blog)
TALLAHASSEE — The federal government surprised big employers by delaying a key provision of the health care law, but that doesn't mean the law is going away entirely. A nationwide marketing blitz aimed to help millions of people understand the coming ...
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Njee Takes Over As Solicitor General
Muturi told journalists on Thursday that he will prioritise far-reaching reforms which include the digitisation of all records and making them readily available to Kenyans online. He stated that the development of policy into law will also constitute a ...
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MyReporter - Preschool programs for kids who miss cutoff?
A: According to New Hanover County Sheriff's Spokesman Jerry Brewer, "Simply stating that you are 4/20 friendly is not against the law, even stating it online is not breaking the law. But possession of marijuana is against the law." "4/20" is a slang ...
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Maumelle law puts solicitors out on streets
Arkansas Online (subscription)
Maumelle law puts solicitors out on streets. By Jake Sandlin. Maumelle residents will soon be able to keep unwanted commercial solicitors from knocking on their doors, or even going on their property, under a city law passed unanimously by the Maumelle ...
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'Legal highs will kill a child this year' - top Cumbria cop
Last year 73 new '"psychoactive" synthetic drugs, or so-called legal highs, appeared on the market and are readily available online and in shops retailing at around £10 per packet, with "stronger" substances costing anywhere from £15 to £20 for 0.5 ...
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PM directs IB, ISI to nab Hazara killers
Frontier Post
QUETTA (Online): Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday said that he has directed law enforcement agencies including the ISI and the Intelligence Bureau to treat Sunday's bombing as a test case and catch the culprits. Addressing a combined press ...
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Republicans have tough choices on Voting Rights Act
The decision caught Republicans between newfound state autonomy that conservatives covet and the law's popularity among minority, young and poor voters who tend to align with Democrats. It's those voters that Republicans are eyeing to expand and ...
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The ACCC has begun legal action against Scoopon. Source: Supplied
"The ACCC is working to ensure that consumers making purchases online are not misled and that online traders take adequate steps to meet their obligations under the Australian Consumer Law." Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar. Find and compare ...
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Watch the George Zimmerman Murder Trial Online Live Streaming [video]
In The Capital
Wednesday brought revelations that Zimmerman had taken a class prior to the Trayvon Martin shooting on Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' law. The other big piece of evidence that was presented on Wednesday was that specialists couldn't find any of ...
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ACCC takes aim at Scoopon in online retail crackdown
Business Spectator
ACCC takes aim at Scoopon in online retail crackdown. Harrison Polites 12 hours ago 1 · Technology · Emerging Tech. Alleges the site misled both businesses and consumers. You must be logged in to read this article. Not a member yet? Register today ›.
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Pizza delivery man, accused of online solicitation of a minor
KPRC Houston
However, the person police said Kuhns had been communicating with online, turned out to be law enforcement. Kuhns was arrested and charged with online solicitation of a minor. "Got a phone call last night that he was arrested," said Amy Brubaker, ...
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ACCC takes action against Scoopon alleging it misled both consumers and ...
Online group buying sites typically negotiate these deals with businesses and market the deals to their members and the public through various means including social media. The ACCC and other Australian Consumer Law (ACL) regulators have received a ...
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Supreme Court: City of Dyersville violated open records law
Dubuque Telegraph Herald
A district court decision upholding public bidding practices used in Dyersville has been affirmed, but the Iowa Supreme Court ruled today that the city violated open records laws. The city of Dyersville was sued by Horsfield Materials Inc. in March ...
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Cities mull gun policy ordinances
Scott County Times
As a new state law allowing open carry of handguns was scheduled to go into effect Monday, area public officials were still making new policy in response to the new law. The new law ..... An online service is needed to view this article in its entirety ...
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Law and Order: Driver charged with DWI after short pursuit by ...
By Howard Owens
Law and Order: Driver charged with DWI after short pursuit by deputy. Submitted by Howard Owens on July 5, 2013 - 7:23am. David W. Maxwell, 62, of Vine Street, Batavia, is charged with felony DWI, felony driving with a BAC of .08 or greater, ...
The Batavian - Online News. Community...
The Law of Denial and Prime Godwins; in the climate debate, the ...
By Watching the Deniers
Godwin's law (also known as Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies or Godwin's Law of Nazi Analogies) is an assertion made by Mike Godwin in 1990 that has become an Internet adage. It states: "As an online discussion grows longer, the ...
Watching the Deniers

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New Online Option for Submitting Appeals of Unemployment and ...
Unemployment claimants and employers can appeal a TWC decision using a new online form. The online form can also appeal Payday Law wage claim ...
Religious pluralism and Islamic law Oxford Scholarship Online
Authored by: Dr. Anver M. Emon, Professor of Law, University of Toronto ... and Others in the Empire of Law, available through Oxford Scholarship Online.
Middle East Online::Tunisians decry Ennahda's 'immunization' law ...
Hundreds of Tunisians take to streets to protest against draft law aimed at excluding ex-regime officials from taking part in future elections. Middle East Online ...
Willamette Law Online - United States Supreme Court Updates ...
First Amendment: Whether Massachusetts's selective exclusion law, which makes it a crime for persons to "enter or remain on a public way or sidewalk" within ...
Sexual Harassment: Federal LawOnline Continuing Education ...
Sexual Harassment: Federal Law. This course will provide sexual harassment training for supervisors and employees. The training will focus on federal laws...

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