Jul 30, 2013

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Law school grad becomes Internet sensation after sexy résumé The News Journal
In plea for job, law school grad sends firms sexy ...: In an email to attorneys asking for a job, Brian Zulberti attached a photo of himself in a T-shirt with the sleeves ...
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Leverage a Career Change in Law School Applications U.S. News & World Report (blog)
People of all ages and from all walks of life apply and are admitted to law school. Many prospective applicants are students right out of college, while others may ...
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In plea for job, law school grad sends firms sexy photo The News Journal
"I was desperate to an extent," said Zulberti, a 2009 Villanova Law School grad, adding he thought throwing in a little sex appeal might goose his chances.
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Record number of donors give to UVa law school The Daily Progress
The University of Virginia Law School received donations from more alumni than ever ... Cullen Couch, a spokesman for the law school, said it's a sign that most ...
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A law school at Trinity Western University will impose a queer quota National Post
Now, TWU is vying for an accredited law school. Last week, Jonathan Kay wrote an op-ed supporting TWU's bid. He urged prospective gay lawyers to accept ...
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Smith graduates from law school Elk Valley Times
During his time in law school, Gavin interned for Lincoln County District Attorney Charles Crawford and the Shelby County District Attorney. Gavin now works for ...
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House Lawyer: Tenants should sign your lease first Washington Post
We know these roommates are both recent law school graduates, so we don't want to get into legal trouble, but we also can't wait indefinitely to get the signed ...
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Kaplan Test Prep Survey: Today's Pre-Law Students Want Changes ... Wall Street Journal
In the meantime though, some law schools are already taking proactive measures to ... For more information or to speak with a Kaplan Test Prep law school ...
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New EPA chief to speak at Harvard Law Sacramento Bee
The Environmental Protection Agency says its new administrator will be at Harvard Law School to make her first public remarks since the U.S. Senate confirmed ...
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Law student receives degree, fellowship post AroundtheO
University of Oregon School of Law graduate Ian Adams has found his home in ... Adams, who recently received his degree from the law school, has won a rare ...
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Brian Leiter's Law School Reports: Brian Tamanaha's Straw Men ... Michael Simkovic
Update: Brian Tamanaha's latest blog post has been hailed by Stephen Diamond and others as a major concession. But in a comment below the post,...
Brian Leiter's Law School Reports
A Law School for Homophobes - Slaw Omar Ha-Redeye
It's not enough that there are some who claim there are already too many law schools in Canada, too few articling positions, and too much competition in the job ...
Sentencing Law and Policy: New law school clinic to undertake ... Doug B.
The University of Mississippi School of Law announces the creation of the MacArthur Justice Clinic, the law school's ninth clinical program. The Clinic will ...
Sentencing Law and Policy
One Law Professor's Opinion: Don't Go To Law School (Unless) - JD ... Jaan
Law schools are shrinking. Professors and staff are being layed off. Declining applications and enrollment are forcing schools to change their.
JD Journal

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