Jul 18, 2013

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Obama to Tout Benefits of Health Law in Speech
Wall Street Journal
President Barack Obama on Thursday will tout the benefits of the Affordable Care Act to a skeptical public during a speech at the White House as part of an effort to build support for the health law in the face of continued Republican efforts to block it.
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Texas governor signs strict abortion law that sparked protests
AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - Texas Governor Rick Perry on Thursday signed into law tough new restrictions on abortion, including a ban after 20 weeks of pregnancy, marking one of the biggest victories in a decade for opponents of abortion in the United ...
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Health Law: Obama's Sales Pitch Has Failed, So Far
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The ambitious and complicated law — called Obamacare by both foes and friends — has never been popular. It had no Republican support when it passed. In a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll this spring, 45% said it was "a bad idea" and 36% "a good ...
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Immigrant tuition law marked across Colorado
Denver Post
DENVER—Lawmakers who supported Colorado's new law allowing state residents to receive in-state tuition even if they are in the country without legal permission are celebrating the registration of new students qualifying for the rate. Four events are ...
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Utah repeals law that restricted federal officers
SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah backed off a threat Wednesday to arrest federal officers who try to enforce state or local laws in response to court rulings that it violated federal supremacy. The Utah Legislature acted to repeal the measure and replace it with ...
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Health Law Backers Hail NY News That Insurance Rates Will Drop
Kaiser Health News
Starting next year, individual insurance plans for New York consumers will carry premiums at least 50% lower than those currently available, according to rates approved by state insurance regulators in anticipation of changes to the federal health-care ...
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Law Firm Kirby McInerney LLP Investigating Potential Claims on Behalf of ...
NEW YORK, Jul 17, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Kirby McInerney LLP is investigating potential claims against the Board of Directors of Taylor Capital Group, Inc. ("Taylor" or the "Company") (NASDAQ:TAYC) related to the proposed acquisition of the Company ...
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Stand Your Ground law critics push for Florida boycott
TALLAHASSEE -- Critics of the state's "stand your ground" law and Saturday's acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of teen Trayvon Martin hope to make Florida pay. Their message as they implore state lawmakers to change the law: Don't ...
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Open carry law: AG seeks to overturn injunction
Jackson Clarion Ledger
On Friday, Hinds Circuit Judge Winston Kidd ruled the open carry/concealed weapon law is unconstitutionally vague and indefinitely extended his temporary injunction on the law. The law, passed overwhelmingly by the Legislature and signed by Gov.
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Stand Your Ground law and school bus fight
TALLAHASSEE -- Showing the breadth of Florida's "stand your ground" law, an appeals court Wednesday said the controversial legal defense can be used by a juvenile involved in a fight on a school bus. The 4th District Court of Appeal overturned a ...
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New Law in France Loosens Restrictions on Human Embryo Research
Science Now
The French National Assembly yesterday approved a new law that aims to ease regulation of research involving human embryos and embryonic stem cells. Although French researchers say that the shift will bring little immediate change to their day-to-day ...
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Top Israel law officer slams West Bank impunity
A top Israeli law officer said on Wednesday that a culture of impunity reigns among Israeli bodies operating in the occupied territories, who fail to heed even their own rules. The report was swiftly seized on by Israeli human rights groups and ...
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Law enforcement, advocacy groups plan unsolved homicide summit on Saturday
San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Law enforcement officials and prosecutors are teaming with victims advocacy groups this weekend to host their inaugural crime victims' clinic and unsolved homicide summit. The event is scheduled for 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at the Los Angeles County ...
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ACLU report: Law enforcement tracking everyday Americans
The American Civil Liberties Union is bringing national attention to a growing issue in the privacy vs. safety debate. According to a report released by the organization, law enforcement agencies around the country are using license plate readers to ...
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New Missouri Law Imposes Hurdle For Insurance Exchange
Gant Daily
Jefferson City, MO, United States (KaiserHealth) – Advocates for uninsured people are worried a bill signed by Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon on Friday could throw a wrench into implementing the upcoming health insurance marketplace. The new state law ...
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Afghan Leader Approves Law Aimed at Fair Elections
Wall Street Journal
The new law seeks to make the appointment of members to the ECC and the Independent Election Commission more transparent. It broadens the selection process—which was previously largely controlled by the president—to include the two speakers of ...
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Law Enforcement Takes Advantage Of Social Media Trend
With thousands of people in KELOLAND using social media, local law enforcement saw an opportunity. "Social media has really taken off the last few years. Facebook is really prominent and Twitter is starting to become more and more prominent," Sioux ...
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SW OK Law Officials Speak on 'Stand Your Ground' Laws
LAWTON Okla_ A law that surrounded the George Zimmerman trial is now on the forefront of many minds. "Stand Your Ground" states allow people to defend themselves, without trying to flee first, but only if a life is in danger. Florida, where Trayvon ...
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Gun law won't alter local police tactics
The Edwardsville Intelligencer
Local law enforcement officials say they don't expect any major changes in their enforcement policies now that lawmakers have approved the state's first concealed carry law. "Based upon what I've heard, there's no cause for grave concern about it ...
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U.S. News Asks Law Schools for Hiring Contacts
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
Officials at each law school were asked for contacts who should be able to make judgments about the competence of their school's recent J.D. graduates, including hiring partners at law firms; local, state and federal judges who hired recent graduates ...
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Expunge law causes court headaches
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Under the terms of the new law, most sex or violent offenders, as well as those convicted of a charge related to homicide, are not eligible to have their records cleared. Other crimes, however, such as battery and operating a motor vehicle while ...
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Inslee to sign law to toughen state's DUI law
Kansas City Star
The state would also begin a pilot program in three counties and two cities to conduct daily alcohol monitoring on a person convicted twice under the DUI law. Additional money would be put toward ensuring prosecutors and local jurisdictions can ...
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Law Enforcement Drift Boat Training Set For Rogue River
Albany Tribune
During the week of July 21 through July 27, Marine Law Enforcement personnel from around the state will converge on the Rogue River for intense drift boat training, focusing on boat handling skills in rapids, white water rescue techniques, and boater ...
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Iowa law enforcement agent fired after reporting Republican governor's car for ...
Raw Story
According to the Des Moines Register, Larry Hedlund, 55, intends to sue the state after being fired at the end of a 2 and a half month investigation that could leave him unemployable in law enforcement. "I've been treated like a criminal," Hedlund, who ...
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'Claudia's Law' pushes patient notification on abnormal chest x-rays
A bill — Claudia's Law — that would require doctors to notify patients of chest X-ray abnormalities passed unanimously in the state Assembly, where it was sponsored by John Burzichelli (D-3, of Paulsboro). Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-3, of ...
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China's Elder Care Law a Struggle for One-Child Families
Voice of America
A new law in China requires adults to provide mental and financial support for their elderly parents, or face fines and other penalties. The regulation entered into force earlier this month, adding new burdens on a generation of urban single children ...
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A Crucial Law That Needs Updating
New York Times
Extraterritoriality, which exempts diplomats from local laws in any situation, should be abandoned and privileges should be restricted only to what is essential to accomplish the mission. Second, diplomatic immunities should no longer be extended to ...
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Oregon's groundbreaking new charity law takes tax break away
They include the Michigan-based Law Enforcement Education Program, which spent less than 3 percent of its money on programs over the past three years. Another loser is the California-based Shiloh International Ministries, which spent just over 3 ...
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House Votes to Delay Obamacare Health-Law Mandates ...
By Corey Boles
House lawmakers on Wednesday voted to approve two separate bills amending portions of the Affordable Care Act, the latest moves by the GOP to throw up hurdles for the Obama health law.
Washington Wire
Florida had first Stand Your Ground law, other states followed in ...
By Elizabeth Chuck
Stand Your Ground laws — sometimes referred to as "Shoot First" laws by detractors — change the legal definition of self-defense for citizens who feel they are being confronted with deadly force or imminent danger. They have been part of the ...
U.S. News
Perry signing abortion bill into law — MSNBC
By Traci G. Lee
Abortion rights supporters rally on the floor of the State Capitol's rotunda in Austin, Texas on Friday, July 12, 2013. (AP Photo/Tamir Kalifa). Texas Gov. Rick Perry will sign his state's newest abortion restrictions into law Thursday morning.
Pennsylvania GOP chairman: Voter ID law helped 'cut Obama ...
By Eric W. Dolan
The head of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania said last week that the state's controversial voter ID law helped suppress Obama voters. Chairman Rob Gleason told PCN in an interview that the voter ID law had an impact on the 2012 ...
The Raw Story
Study Finds the Net Present Value of a Law Degree is Highly ...
By Michael Froomkin
After controlling for observable differences, we find that a law degree is associated with approximately a 60 percent increase in expected median monthly earnings and a 50 percent increase in hourly wages, as well as reduced risk of ...
Legislature repeals bill that would limit feds' law enforcement ...
Faced with a likely legal defeat over a bill's constitutionality, the Utah Legislature on Wednesday repealed a measure limiting federal land agencies' law enforcement powers. HB155 sponsor Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, sought the repeal "on ...
All - The Salt Lake Tribune
Balochistan law and order case: supreme court asks for lb elections ...
By noreply@tribune.com.pk (Mudassir Raja)
All provincial govts, except Sindh, say they are willing to hold local bodies' polls.
The Express Tribune
Italy's disrespect for rule of law hurts all of EU | European Voice
Friction between member states and EU law are not unusual.
ExcitingAds! Voice
Cuccinelli Did Not Break Law - Taegan Goddard's Political Wire
Ken Cuccinelli (R) "did not break the law when he failed to disclose substantial stock holdings in Star Scientific and some gifts from the company's chief executive, a state prosecutor concluded after a nearly three-month investigation," the ...
Taegan Goddard's Political Wire
Rappstar Racing: First Law of Holes
By rappstar
First Law of Holes. "If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." Denis Healey. Ironman 70.3 Vineman. Sonoma County, CA ✮ 2013.07.14. I tried really hard to write this in the lead up to the race, but with the last two races on the calendar being ...
Rappstar Racing
PM David Cameron Applauds Passage of Marriage Equality Law ...
By Andy Towle
Prime Minister David Cameron has penned a piece in the Evening Standard praising passage of Britain's marriage equality law but warning that there are other LGBT subjects to tackle. Writes Cameron, in part: I have backed this reform ...
Towleroad News #gay
Keith Law's mid-season top-50 list features four Red Sox prospects ...
By Marc Normandin
You'll be able to guess a few of them, but there some major surprises as well.
Over the Monster - All Posts
EU urges Ethiopia to release journalists, revise terror law - Nazret.com
By nazret.com
Critics point to a 2009 anti-terrorism law that makes anyone caught publishing information that could induce readers to commits acts of terrorism liable to jail terms of 10-to-20 years. Last year, an Ethiopian court handed sentences of eight ...

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Home - GoJIL - Goettingen Journal Of International Law
Goettingen Journal of International Law. Menu. Home; About. Policies & Mission Statement · People · Activities. Archives. Issues · Search · Release Dates.
Obama to Tout Health Law's Insurance Rebate | RealClearPolitics
One provision of the complex law says if health insurers fail to spend at least 80 percent of insurance premiums on better care and coverage, rather than ...
Obama to talk up health care law's rebates - The Denver Post
WASHINGTON—Eager to counter Republicans intent on repealing his health care law, President Barack Obama will argue that it s working and hold up as proof ...
Texas Gov. Rick Perry signs sweeping abortion restrictions into law ...
Texas Gov. Rick Perry has signed sweeping new abortion regulations that threaten the existence of most clinics in the state. The Republican signed legislation ...

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