Jul 16, 2013

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Massachusetts study calls for changes to independent contractor law
New Jobs for Massachusetts, an advocacy organization for private sector employment, recently released Re-Opening the Main Road to Self-Employment in Massachusetts, a report on the effects of the commonwealth's independent contractor law. Using data ...
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Study: Mandate delay won't hurt ObamaCare's bottom line
The Hill (blog)
The one-year delay in ObamaCare's employer mandate won't have much effect on the law's costs or the number of people it covers, according to a new study from the Urban Institute. The study found that the one-year delay will not result in significantly ...
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Study: Employer Mandate Delay To Have Little Effect on ACA's Cost
California Healthline
The one-year delay in implementing the Affordable Care Act's employer mandate will not have a significant effect on the law's costs or the number of people it covers, according to a study from the Urban Institute, The Hill's "Healthwatch" reports ...
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Law applications increasing faster than other subjects
The number of people applying to study law at university is rising at a higher rate than university applications across all subjects, figures released by UCAS have shown. While the number of applicants across all subjects rose 3.1% between June 2012 ...
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New law allows schools to teach gun safety to first-graders
(CNN) -- Along with math, science and social studies, gun safety could soon be part of the first-grade curriculum in some Missouri public schools. A new measure that advocates for such classes for first-graders was signed into law last week. But the ...
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Combs: 2006 Study Will Not Be Revisited
Pete Gallego that her office will not update a 2006 cost-benefit study that analyzed the economic impact of the state's undocumented immigrant population. Citing staffing losses, budget constraints and changes in federal and state laws, Combs informed ...
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Wolters Kluwer Launches Insurance Law Daily
EON: Enhanced Online News (press release)
WALTHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Wolters Kluwer today announced the expansion of its Wolters Kluwer Daily Reporting Suite with the release of Insurance Law Daily, the company's latest tool for tracking daily developments in one of the financial ...
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How a law degree led to 'world of opportunities'
Globe and Mail
My name is Thomas Stuart Harrison, and I was appointed assistant professor (adjunct) at the Faculty of Law at Queen's University at Kingston in 2010. In the fall of 2012, I left my position as Crown Counsel to pursue full-time doctoral studies in law ...
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New Study Suggests Traumatic Brain Injury from Sports May Be Behind Military ...
Law Firm Newswire (press release)
A new study published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry has proposed a link between multiple concussions or traumatic brain injuries and suicidal actions later. In addition, the study found that a significant number of the men who experienced military ...
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Why They Hate Eliot Spitzer
By Thomas Hedges, Center for Study of Responsive Law. Corporations have revved their engines back up for round two of the smear campaign against Eliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York who has announced that he will run for New York City ...
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California data breach study indicates lack of encryption
SC Magazine
In fact, the incidents would have never even had to been reported under existing state law if the exposed data was cloaked. Some other notable 2012 findings include: An average of 22,500 people were affected in each breach incident, with the retail ...
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Firm on dance bars' ban, will study SC verdict: Maharashtra govt
Hindustan Times
This expert group will look at the details of the case and study the apex court verdict after which we will decide whether to file a review petition or amend the law," he said at the council while addressing legislators. He added that the decision will ...
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Sea Levels 'Are Set for Continuing Rise'
For this study the international team used data from sediments from the sea bottom and ancient raised shorelines found on coastlines around the world. All the models are based on fundamental physical laws. "The Antarctic computer simulations were able ...
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Did The Stand Your Ground Law Have A Role In The Zimmerman Verdict?
An assessment of the law should include a Tampa Bay Times' study of over 200 cases where the law has been invoked. Last year, the paper did one of the most comprehensive studies of how Stand Your Ground has been applied, including a database of ...
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Divorce in early childhood may harm adult ties with parents
... anti-abortion bill considered one of the most restrictive in the country Friday night, and Gov. Rick Perry is expected to sign it into law within a few days. ... "The disruptive consequences of parental divorce on the security of parent-child ...
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Lawyer Jobs Sluggish in Canada, Says Report
The study, which followed a 2007 report on the career trajectories of licensing candidates and newly called lawyers, suggests job seekers are putting less influence on factors like law firm prestige and salary as they look for their first position ...
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Zimmerman verdict renews focus on 'stand your ground' laws
In a study of "stand your ground" laws commissioned by the National Bureau of Economic Research, researchers found that in states with "stand your ground" laws, the number of homicides had significantly increased from the years before the law was ...
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Local news briefs
Washington Post
Officials visit China to study gambling. A team of Maryland gambling regulators and law-enforcement officers spent several days in China last week as part of an ongoing investigation into the suitability of MGM Resorts to operate a casino in Prince ...
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Brain scans of inmates turn up possible link to risks of reoffending
Baltimore Sun
... to a mental health facility, deciding whether to grant parole and the like," said Owen D. Jones, a Vanderbilt University professor of law and biology and director of the MacArthur Foundation Law and Neuroscience Project, which helped fund Kiehl's ...
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Company to conduct study of Jefferson County EMS Radio System
... emergency response and law enforcement personnel to gauge weaknesses in the county's public safety communications system. In April, the Jefferson County Board of Legislators authorized the spending of $89,900 in federal money to pay for the study.
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Arizona Objects To Tucson's 'Culturally Relevant Courses' Proposal
Huffington Post
But Arizona officials say they're concerned the law might not meet state education standards and may violate Arizona's 2010 ethnic studies law, the Arizona Daily Star Reports. A memo sent to TUSD on June 10 warned the district to avoid violating the ...
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Macallen Dam removal study delayed
Exeter News-Letter
Because it was, the town can't sign an $85,000 contract with consultants Gomez and Sullivan to do the study, Fournier said. Fournier is hoping the Conservation Law Foundation, which is providing the $40,000 grant, will agree to enter into a second ...
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Comparing the trials of George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony
WTSP 10 News
Critics contended the task force was stacked with supporters of the Stand Your Ground law so they failed to focus on how the law has been misused. State Sen. Chris Smith, D-Fort Lauderdale, convened his own task force to study the law and it concluded ...
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Are You and Your Significant Other Studying for the Bar Exam ...
By leeburgess
... and support each other as best as you can. Originally posted on leeburgess. Lee Burgess is the founder of Amicus Tutoring, LLC, which helps students in law school and those studying for the California Bar Examination find exam success.
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What A-levels Would universities choose to study Law? - Yahoo! UK ...
I am actually going into my second year of A-levels (A2). And I've finally ... You're doing history plus two other academic subjects. You're fine.

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