Jul 14, 2013

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Law and justice and George Zimmerman
CBS News
In the next few hours and days you'll likely be inundated with analysis and commentary and solemn expressions of outrage or joy about what the acquittal of George Zimmerman means -- to the nation, to its rule of law, to its politics, to its racial ...
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Texas Abortion Law Critics Wrong on Clinic Closings, Perry Says
An abortion bill passed by the Texas legislature won't close as many of the state's clinics that offer the procedure as critics of the legislation say, Governor Rick Perry said today. The legislation bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and ...
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Trial to Open on Lawfulness of Pa. Voter ID Law
ABC News
A trial set to begin Monday on the constitutionality of Pennsylvania's voter identification law represents a major step toward a judicial ruling on whether the photo requirement should be enforced at polling places statewide or thrown out as ...
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Texas abortion law may leave women with risky choices
Dallas Morning News
Andrea Ferrigno, a vice president at Whole Woman's Health, shows a recovery room at the company's McAllen clinic. Ambulatory surgery centers, required under the new law, must have large, hospital-style recovery rooms, with medical equipment on the ...
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State law change on cannabis won't stop local case
Mail Tribune
Lori Duckworth applauds the recently passed bill that legalizes Oregon's medical marijuana dispensaries and allows owners to recoup costs for providing cannabis to patients. But the bill won't stop a case charging her and three others, including her ...
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New Law Allows 10 am Liquor Sales on Sundays
In 2004, Rhode Island passed a law allowing liquor stores to open on Sundays from noon to 6 p.m., after Massachusetts lifted its ban on Sunday sales earlier that year. Last year, Connecticut allowed its stores to begin selling liquor on Sundays from 10 ...
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Law enforcement excited about new DNA rules, leery about costs, restrictions ...
Wisconsin Rapids Tribune
Law enforcement agencies say they're excited about a new provision in the state budget that will allow departments to collect more DNA samples from criminal suspects. An expanded DNA database should lead to more crimes being solved, but officials say ...
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New law increases access, accountability for ATVs
Yakima Herald-Republic
Under the new law, all ATVs — whether their owners plan to ride on roads or not — will be required to display a small metal license plate similar to those on motorcycles, thereby making it easier for witnesses to report mudding — the practice of ...
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Texas abortion law passes; protesters disrupt proceedings, vow legal challenge
Youngstown Vindicator
Republican lawmakers passed a bill that would give Texas some of the nation's most restrictive abortion laws and force most of its clinics to close, leading Democrats to promise a fight over the contentious measure in the courts at the ballot box. More ...
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State law limits boat inspections
Columbus Dispatch
Rex Damschroder (R-Fremont), the law, which was designated as House Bill 29 in the legislature, is designed to establish standards for inspections by defining when state and local authorities can board a craft to conduct a safety inspection. The bill ...
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New law requires newborns undergo screening for heart defects
Monroe News Star
Lisa Messina, manager of the newborn nursery at St. Francis Medical Center, performs a pulse oximetry screening on Holland Vickery. Gov. Bobby Jindal recently signed a bill into law requiring facilities to perform the noninvasive screening on all newborns.
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Voter ID law back in Pennsylvania court
York Daily Record
A state judge temporarily blocked the voter ID law from affecting Election Day 2012, but only after the state Supreme Court intervened. The Pennsylvania ACLU argues the voter ID law is unconstitutional because it infringes on the right to vote and ...
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Voter ID law hurts Alabama
The Decatur Daily
With high poverty rates and an increasingly frustrated population, Alabama should be encouraging people to vote. Instead, with the photo identification law, it is discouraging political participation. The Alabama Secretary of State appears to be doing ...
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It's the law: Nudity in public
Shreveport Times
THE LAW: State law sets the stage for local law enforcement when it comes to how to handle public obscenity, which is defined as the exposure of genitals or female breasts in any public place or place open to public view. State law, however, does not ...
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17 years after law's debut, minds change over Pa. gay marriage ban
Delaware County Daily Times
Tom Ridge, the Republican governor who signed Pennsylvania's gay-marriage ban into law 17 years ago, had an apparent change of heart. In February, he signed on to a friend-of-the-court brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the 9th U.S. Circuit ...
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UPDATE 1-EU plans probe on German renewable energy law - Spiegel
(Adds Merkel quotes on change to law). BERLIN, July 14 (Reuters) - The European Union plans an investigation into Germany's renewable energy law due to concerns that exemptions for some firms from charges levied on power users breaches competition ...
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Texas abortion law puts women in bind
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
The law could also create a backlog so great in the remaining clinics that women seeking abortions will miss the 20-week deadline, said Amy Hagstrom Miller, president and CEO of Whole Woman's Health, a firm that runs five clinics in Texas. Abortion ...
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Murphy's Law: Announcer Faulkner puts down the mike
Spartanburg Herald Journal
There is no use to complain about the rain. We can't do anything about it anyway. But it is surely throwing a monkey wrench into the racing lately. I have friends who say it is messing up their golf games too. Others are talking about all the debris ...
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Law would take its own course: Soren on MLAs evading arrest
Business Standard
"Law will take its own course," Soren told reporters here when his attention was drawn to two of his 43 supporting MLAs, against whom there are criminal cases, evading arrests. Jharkhand High Court had recently pulled up the state police for their ...
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Megan's Law offender arrested Friday in Lancaster
CBS 21
According to the Megan's Law website, Herr was convicted in 1990 and sentenced to 5-20 years in jail for the kidnapping and rape of a 5-year-old girl on South Prince Street in Lancaster. Herr registered as a sex offender in February of 2000. Herr's car ...
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Power-of-attorney law addresses 'rampant' abuse
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Thanks to efforts by a vulnerable-adult advocacy group, a law passed in April requires those given power of attorney to keep careful records of where money goes, provide an accounting if requested and face liability if they abuse that power. The form ...
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Food law to roll out on Rajiv birthday, grains rot
Hindustan Times
The law — which guarantees monthly food handouts to 67% of India's population at a fraction of the market price — has been billed a "game changer" and the Congress hopes to reap rich dividends from it in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, just as it did ...
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Trial, gun law mesh to create interest in neighborhood watch
Jacksonville Journal Courier
With national attention surrounding the trial of a neighborhood watch volunteer involved in a fatal shooting, local law enforcement continue to stress the limited extent to which the average person should take action. With a concealed-carry law now on ...
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Prosecutors: New law doesn't make old crimes OK
Coos Bay World
Two Oregon prosecutors say they won't drop cases against people who are now accused of selling medical marijuana at retail outlets _ even though the business soon will be legal. "This conduct was against the law at the time people committed the crime," ...
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Local law enforcement agencies file joint application for grant money
Log Cabin Democrat
The Conway Police Department and the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office recently applied for the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant. The grant is a form of funding that allows state and local jurisdictions to use the money in a variety of ...
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Darnell: Don't criticize law enforcement for enforcing drug laws
Gainesville Sun
"People who are bemoaning and criticizing law enforcement for being charged for marijuana possession — they know it's against the law and are being critical of us for enforcing the law. I don't buy that." Darnell noted that she has never received a ...
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Law Association supports Ventour
Trinidad News
In a brief statement yesterday, Law Association president Seenath Jairam SC said an argument has been advanced which suggests that because Ventour sits on the latter, he is a "person in public life" and/or "a person exercising a public function" and ...
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Pimentel: RH law violates Local Government Code
MANILA, Philippines — Former Senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr., is asking the Supreme Court to "abort" and "get rid" of the controversial Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health (RH) law as he appealed for it to extend the effectivity of the status ...
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Cuomo signs 60 new laws: Smoking, Rockland, Rye Brook, Yonkers park affected
The Journal News | LoHud.com
Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks at the University at Buffalo Law School, Wednesday, July 3, 2013, to announce a commission to fight corruption in New York State. Two people named to the panel are Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita and Makau Mutua, ...
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New Texas Law Could Lead To Women Buying More Abortion Pills ...
By Gabrielle Bluestone
If the restrictive Texas abortion law passed on Friday survives legal challenges, health experts are worried that low-income women may turn to Mexico for "abortion pills".
separating law and legend in the zimmerman verdict - Jonathan Turley
By jonathanturley
SEPARATING LAW AND LEGEND IN THE ZIMMERMAN VERDICT. The acquittal of .... Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University and a member of USA TODAY's board of contributors.
Flight Safety Law - Truthdig
By editor@truthdig.com
Flight Safety Law. Email this item Email Print this item Print Share this item... Share ... TAGS: air asiana airplane crash airplanes cartoon flight flight safety law politics san francisco sf crash sf plane crash ...
Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines
Prosecutors, Defense Trade Rebukes After Zimmerman Verdict
By WSJ Staff
At back-to-back press conferences after the George Zimmerman verdict was announced, the prosecution and the defense continued some of the sniping that characterized their battle in the courtroom.
Law Blog
By Greta Van Susteren
Here is some voodoo from a lawyer (me): the jury has decided NOT to convict him of Murder in the 2nd degree. (Let me repeat, this is my voodoo....only t.
California's 'Special People' and Their 'Above the Law' - Economic ...
By Robert Wenzel
Readers have been shocked to learn that California has about 1 million citizens who are literally above the law. Members of this group, as a Register front-page article April 6 detailed, can drive their cars as fast as they choose. They can drink ...
AD urges Rivers lawmakers to respect rule of law - Vanguard
By mbgolu
The National Secretary of the Alliance for Democracy (AD), Mr Rafiu Salau, has advised members of the Rivers State House of Assembly to toe the line of constitutionalism in resolving the lingering political crisis in the state.
Vanguard News
Financing the Pakistani economy under Shariah law – The Express ...
By noreply@tribune.com.pk (Humayon Dar)
As debate on deficit heats up, a look into Shariah guidelines for solutions may help.
The Express Tribune
"Not Guilty" in a Court of Law … "Guilty" in the Media and the Street ...
By drillanwr
Saturday night the jury, after 3 weeks of trial testimony and 11 hours over 2 days of deliberation, found George Zimmerman Not Guilty in the shooting.
Babalú Blog
HIPAA – a law that several experts say is woefully misunderstood
By Marcia Oddi
Abington police and fire officials are refusing to divulge the name or condition of a 38-year-old car accident victim, citing the medical privacy act known as HIPAA – a law that several experts say is woefully misunderstood. "What they're citing is ...
The Indiana Law Blog
How Unreasonable is the Offensive Behaviour etc Act – Guest Post ...
By Paul McConville
After an appeal by the Prosecutor Fiscal's office, three law Lords, Brodie, Phillips and Lady Paton have decide to overturn the original Sheriff's decision in the trial. Mr Cairns was charged with breaching Section 1(2)(e) of the Act. That is to say ...
Random Thoughts Re Scots Law...
The Brehon laws "The Lost Laws of Ireland" show complex ...
A superb new book explains Ireland's ancient Brehon Laws in fine detail Written by San Francisco attorney Catherine Duggan, who has studied the laws extensively, the book called The Lost Laws of Ireland is available from ...
IrishCentral.com - Top Stories
Mark Geistfeld, 'Fault Lines in the Positive Economic Analysis of Tort ...
By admin
Unlike positive economic analysis, the positive economic analysis of tort law is tied to a particular form of normative judgment. Because there is no consensus about the normative purpose of tort law, one must engage in an interpretive exercise ...
Private Law Theory
The Absurd Report » "Murphy's Law" By Jim Murphy
By The Bear
The Absurd Report "The Absurd Report…chasing liberals like villagers after Frankenstein" ~Doug Giles.
The Absurd Report

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Texas passes draconian law limiting women's health care options ...
The NYT's John Schwartz, who is himself from Texas, live-tweeted the dramatic proceedings yesterday in the Texas Senate surrounding one of the strictest ...
PRESS STATEMENT from the Southern Poverty Law Center in ...
The following statement was issued by Richard Cohen, President and CEO of the Southern Poverty Law Center, following the verdict in State of Florida v.

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