Jul 14, 2013

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Law scholarships 2013 for postgraduate students
Indian Colleges
Study Subject (s): Scholarships are awarded in Law discipline. Scholarship can be taken at: India and Overseas. Eligibility: -Applicant must be an active and enrolled postgraduate student (LLM or MPhil and/or Phd) in a UGC recognized university of ...
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Study Finds Majority Of Recent Drug Seziures In U.S. Are Marijuana Related
Opposing Views
America's attitudes towards cannabis have been reflected in progressive marijuana law reform over the past 25 years, with medical marijuana now allowed in over 20 states, criminal penalties for possession removed in 17 states, and the recreational use ...
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Study calls TV's female characters sexual targets
... link between on-screen fare and real-life behavior. They've also questioned aspects of PTC's methodology. The new study, for instance, includes scenes from "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," a drama that focuses on those trying to stop sexual ...
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My mum never wanted me to be a writer –O…
Nigerian Tribune
Though, his mum wanted him to study law, Obi Martins, one of Nigeria's youngest script writers is already making waves on the path he chose against her mum's wish. Martins is the brain behind the popular soap opera and stage plays like: April fool ...
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Study backs more use in Wisconsin of life-saving heroin-overdose drug
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
But it's against the law for an individual with a prescription for naloxone, commonly known by its brand name Narcan, to use the drug on a friend or someone else overdosing on other opiates such as morphine, oxycodone and methadone. A recent report ...
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If you study law in the UK, can you be employed abroad for job ...
I heard because the law is different in other coun…
UCLan Cyprus | School of Law
Consequently, only the very best students will study Law at UCLan Cyprus, not everyone. Our Law students are spoilt! Not only are they educated by the best ...

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